It is time to say goodbye to cable and satellite TV since the TV antennas are back with a bang and here to stay. Being a cord cutter, it may turn out to be quite stressful when you have to select an ideal TV antenna for your house. No two antennas are the same and there are various factors that one has to consider before picking the best that would suit their needs. Factors such as how far is the broadcasting station, VHF or UHF, indoor or outdoor antenna, directional or multi-directional and with amplifier or non-amplifier. So all of these can actually take a toll on the minds of the consumers. To help customers come up with the best choice, we bring to you some of the best TV antennas that is suitable for cord cutters.

1byOne Indoor TV antenna:

This current model from 1byOne is able to pick up all of your local favourite channels. There is no need to pay any subscription charges, all you would need to pay for is the cost of the antenna. The installation is also quite simple. The 1byOne indoor antenna has a sleek and slim design thus making it a perfect choice for your interiors. It is also very lightweight. You can hide this antenna behind the TV as well discreetly. Irrespective of the placement of this antenna, it can surely pick up all of your favourite channels. There is a detachable amplifier that comes along with this antenna and you can get it removed when there is too much of interference in the signal.

Clearstream 2V:

This is considered to be one of the best pick since it can work well as indoor as well as outdoor TV antenna. This antenna from the Antennas Direct is one of the best choice. The coverage range of this antenna is 60miles. It is also a multi-directional antenna hence there is not much issue about placement of the antenna. Individuals who reside in the suburbs or rural regions can find this antenna effective.

RCA Yagi Compact Outdoor HDTV antenna:

This is one of the most compact HDTV outdoor antenna available in the market. Also it is quite durable. This antenna has a sturdy design along with being compact. Once you install this antenna, you are bound to receive both VHF and UHF frequency signals. It provides display quality of 1080p. This model comes as a single piece hence there is no worry about assembling this antenna. Even when you mount it on the attic, it would provide strong signals.

Mohu Leaf 30 Indoor antenna:

Mohu has come up with a wide range of tested products due to which it has garnered a name for itself. This particular indoor TV antenna is sleek and paper thin along with simple design. It claims of providing local channels in HD without any trouble. The coverage range of this antenna is 30miles and also it is multi-directional. This model comes along with a 10feet long coaxial cable which you can detach or shorten when not required. It can pick up both VHF as well as UHF frequency signals.