5 Reasons Why an Antenna Should Be a Part of Your Cord Cutting Setup

For those who have made up their mind of cutting the cord but still haven’t decided on what next. Then there are multiple options available for you. Few among those include, Free TV or use of TV antenna, online streaming service and streaming devices. Out of these options, one of the best ways watching TV would be to get a TV antenna installed. Irrespective of whether you plan for a streaming service or a device in future but it is important to have a TV antenna at home. There are multiple reasons why a TV antenna should be made part of your cord cutting setup.

TV antenna equals to Free TV:

One of the main reasons for cutting the cord was to get rid of paying hefty cable subscription amount. Even though you would receive endless number of channels but the real question arises as to how many of those do you actually watch. Is the cable bill that you are paying on a monthly basis really justifying the amount of content that you are watching? When you install a HDTV antenna, all you would need to pay for is the cost of purchasing and installing the antenna. Once the antenna is installed there is no further cost involved. By getting a TV antenna, you get access to all of the major networking channels that are available in your area.

Better picture quality:

With cable you would either get a standard definition picture quality or you would have to pay more charges to get the channel in high definition. But when you go in for watching channels coming through TV antenna, then the picture quality is uncompressed which means you can also get high definition quality. This in turn would mean that you get better quality when compared to the cable service.


There have been many times wherein a storm or bad weather leads to knocking down of cable. However, when you have a TV antenna, there is no such worry since you would be set even when there is no cable. Having local channels would mean that you are kept up-to-date on the latest news.

Understand the content:

Before you even purchase an antenna, you can view the number of channels which are available in your region. There are various sites such as TVFool or FCC that provide this information once you input the address or your area code. You can search the availability of the channels and at the same time what is the signal strength. Instead of paying costly monthly charges for hundreds of channels which you hardly watch. Here you are getting the option to check the channels and then purchase the right type of antenna.


One of the main reasons why having a TV antenna is a must for all cord-cutters is because it helps in saving money. Firstly, you are spared from spending monthly cable subscription charges. Also the rate of a TV antenna is quite affordable since there are variety of option available in the market. Since you have more than one TV, then it would not mean that you need multiple antennas. You can just connect one antenna to more than one TV.