Reasons to add an HDTV antenna

As a cord-cutter, when you go to purchase a TV antenna there can be a lot of confusion in regards to the terms such as regular antenna and the HDTV antennas. But the matter of fact is that, there is really no difference between a regular antenna and an HDTV antenna. You can call it a marketing gimmick when companies sell antenna stating that it is HDTV antenna. Any of the antenna is built in such a manner to pick up the HDTV frequency signals. When you have to select HDTV antenna, all you would need to do make the same kind of research and use the similar guidelines as you would do for choosing a regular TV antenna. You should be taking into consideration the range, size and quality so that it provides you with good yield.

Let us have a look at few of the reasons why you would need to add in an HDTV antenna:

No monthly subscription:

TV viewing has never become this simple earlier. With the prices of cable and satellite bills sky rocketing, it is the right time to switch over to an HDTV antenna that can provide you so much more. All of this at absolutely free of cost. Yes, you heard that right. The over-the-air signals are absolutely free with no subscription cost attached to it. You would only need to pay the cost for purchasing an antenna and to install it. Apart from this, there are no other cost. The best part is that once you install the antenna, you can view all the local channels. Also if you are lucky then you can also have access to quite a few of the regional channels without any additional cost.

Amazing picture quality:

When you think about picture and sound quality received through cable or satellite provider then it would be not that great when you compare with an HDTV channel. The reason being, since those cable or satellite provides endless number of channels they would need to compress the picture quality. This in turn would mean compromising on the quality of picture for the viewers even after paying such hefty amount. However, when you go in for an HDTV antenna, you get an uncompressed picture quality hence you can enjoy high definition picture for all of your favourite shows and movies.

Local broadcast network:

Urban region or bigger cities tend to offer a wider range of broadcast selection wherein more than 90% of the US household have at least one local channel being aired. More than 50% of the population are able to receive 5 or even more number of stations. To get a detail on which stations you can receive in your area, check out the TVFool website or FCC webpage. They provide a detailed information on the stations in your area, how far they are and also the number of channels that are aired in your region. All you would need to do is enter your location details or code.